Monday, 30 May 2016


Event manager needs to break down its event into small tasks by organizing them into different phases. Doing so will help the event manager for smoothing working and successful accomplishment of the event being organized. This will also enable event manager to monitor current activities and plan for next movies. This procedure is generally divided into six major phases including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing.
Initiating includes commencement of initial activities from the event manager and the sales staff. Planning function, one of the very most crucial elements of the management, include an arrangement for all uncertainties that can happen. You will also schedule the operations sequentially with care and time in the planning phase. Next phase is execution phase where you put the planned activities into action using resources available. Monitoring phase includes cautiously watching the operationalization of planned activities and identifying the discrepancies observed. Controlling phase comprises of the taking the corrective measures for identified problems in monitoring phase. This assures the event manager that everything is going into right direction at the required pace. Finally, the event is closed after successful accomplishment of all planned activities and handing over the outcome product or service to the client.
Event management is the profession with enormous opportunities of career up-gradation and highly paid job prospects. If you wish to learn more about event management, you may enrol for an online course in event management. Diploma in event management is the best option for those who want to start from basics and want to become an expert in the event management field. If you want to know more about these online courses in event management, please visit the link below: -

Monday, 30 July 2012

Event Management Industry in Dubai

Events management is one of the fastest growing industries. It carries a huge earning positional especially for those who decide to work as self employed in the industry by starting their own events management business. Whether you decide to go for employment or opt to start your own business you need to have proper world standard qualifications at hand if you want to excel in the profession. The good is that these world class qualifications are now within the reach of every one. Brentwood Open Learning College (UK) one of the UK’s top distance learning colleges has made it possible for you by offering flexible, affordable and internationally recognised courses.

These courses offer you the following benefits:
  • What you learn is the very latest in the industry
  • Your qualification is valued everywhere hence opening up wider opportunities for you around the world
  • BOLC is the only UK based college offering fee instalments option to international students
  • These courses prepare students both for business and employment
  • These courses are flexible and can be completed with family and job commitments
  • You get all the above with lowest fee guarantee.

BOLC events management course is highly valuable qualification. This diploma prepares its students on how to organize and handle events at any level, whether these are small , large or medium sized events i.e. press conferences, charity fund raising events, sports, other social and religious festivals, birth day parties, weddings etc.